The Mission

Hidden for many years in the Amazon Basin, Project AmaZon represents a powerful movement in church-planting and disciple-making. The vision of Project AmaZon is to plant 100,000 churches, concentrating on the unreached Amazon Basin and moving out to all of Brazil and the world. This intense focus on the Great Commission has been met with God's blessing and favor in extraordinary ways.

Often, the biggest things have the smallest of starts. And that's the way it's been with PAZ. Since it's beginning in 1976, PAZ (Project AmaZon) has planted over 600 churches and has raised up thousands of leaders. These leaders are reproducing themselves in the lives of others and sending teams out to other needy places to start the process all over again.

PAZ is as unique as the people we serve: the people of the Amazon Basin. The places we go are distant and difficult to reach, and the methods of getting there are as interesting as the jungle in which we live!

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Interested? Good! Because our journey has just begun. Click the link below to learn more about the Amazon Basin and the beautiful people in it.

Part 1 | The Amazon Basin