Welcome to Igreja da Paz, Barueri.

The MDA Vision Spreads

When Pastor Gumer from Barueri, São Paulo came to the first MDA Conference in 2001, he fell in love with the PAZ vision to make disciples through cell groups and one-on-one discipleship. Since then he has transitioned his church and church-plants, “Plentitude em Cristo” to this church model, each year bringing his team to the conference in Santarém and even hosting conferences in São Paulo.

Pastor Gumer introduces the special guests.

Pastor Gumer introduces the special guests.

Recently he led his church through another big change: they and the churches under them have officially become “Igreja da Paz.” It has been nothing short of miraculous to see what God has done in the last 10 years — how they have grown in depth and numbers, reaching more and more people through the ministry of cell groups and discipleship. These models work wherever they are practiced — deep in the Amazon Jungle or in the heart of one of the world’s largest cities. We whole-heartily welcome our brothers and sisters in São Paulo to the PAZ family! May you grow and multiply for God’s glory!

The emphasis on returning to the roots of the first century church is having tremendous results around Brazil. Leaders on the verge of burnout and churches on the edge of extinction are coming to life again through the rediscovery of these practical applications of biblical truths. Hundreds of churches are adapting to the MDA vision, so much so that a new association is being created. Not a denomination in itself, the MDA Association is for churches practicing the vision to be connected to one another — sharing resources, speakers, counsel and experience. This passion for missions and discipleship is taking over Brazil, praise the Lord! We hear of the same passion in so many other countries as well. Truly the Lord is preparing His church for a great end-time revival!

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01/Dec/2010 | News