The Leadership Conference

The 2009 PAZ Leadership Conference was a huge success! God brought us just the perfect speaker for our conference: Pastor Harold Weitsz from South Africa. The man embodied the very faith, prayer life and knowledge of the Word we want to develop as we set out to double in size over the next 5 years – an initiative we call 1000 by 2014.

Pastor Harold Weitsz

Pastor Harold Weitsz

PAZ pastors and leaders from all over the Amazon converged at beautiful Camp Shalom near Alter do Chão for 5 days of faith-building, vision-planting, strategizing, fellowship and food. These are the very heroes living their faith by planting churches and making disciple-making disciples all over the Amazon. Together, we thanked God for all that He has already done, and all that He is going to do in the great task He has given us.

PAZ Leaders, missionaries and pastors worship together at Camp Shalom

PAZ Leaders, missionaries and pastors worship together at Camp Shalom

At the conference, we laid the road map for our PAZ churches. Our goal is that in the next 5 years, each one of these bases doubles in size – and by result give us 1000 churches by the beginning of 2014! Here’s our most current church count:

    Churches in the Amazon Basin:

  • Belém/Castanhal: 37
  • Macapá: 8
  • Monte Alegre: 40
  • Santarém: 398
  • Parintins: 4
  • Manaus: 18
  • Boa Vista: 3
  • Porto Velho: 4
  • Rio Branco: 2
    Click here to see these bases on a map
    Churches outside the Amazon Basin

  • Fortaleza: 6
  • Goiás: 3
  • Venceslau Bras: 1
  • Porto Murtinho: 1
    Churches outside Brazil

  • Japan: 3
  • Chicago: 1
  • Switzerland: 1

Grand Total: 530 churches

It is a vision greater than any one man, which can only be accomplished as the entire body of Christ comes together in unity, each doing his own part, to see God’s Kingdom expand and the love of Christ reach the darkest corners of the world. You play a key part as well in our success: praying, donating, visiting and being a part of God’s great work!

To read more about the leadership conference, learn more about Pastor Harold Weitsz and see lots of photos from the conference, click here.

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