Grow ADM Church Structure

Developed in Santarém under Pastor Abe Huber, our churches use the Apostolic Discipleship Model, or ADM (Modelo Discipulado Apostólico in Portuguese). This vision has had so much success in evangelism, disciple-making and quality church growth that pastors and leaders come from all over Brazil each October to the ADM Conference in Santarém. Here they learn how to implement this vision.

In essence, the vision is this: before a church plant even begins, a cell group (small group or home church) is started and people are won for Christ. This cell group is led by a fully committed disciple of Christ (typically a local worker from the larger mother or base church). The purpose of our cell groups is to grow and multiply. This happens while raising up the next new leaders in the cell group. As cell groups multiply, the local church is born and eventually a building is needed.

Each member is encouraged to participate in the heart of the ADM structure, which is one-on-one discipleship. One-on-one discipleship has been a key component to maintain quality while growing rapidly, putting ministry into the hands of the members.

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Video Playlist

Pastor Abe Huber held an ADM Conference in Grand Junction, CO. Below are the links to 9 videos made at this conference where he explains the ADM Vision clearly. Enjoy!