The 75 Target Communities

At the bottom of this article are the names of the 75 communities in which, by God's grace, Project AmaZon will plant churches in 2009! Each one of these community names represents a community with real people and real needs. Most of these places don't even have an evangelical church. It's with great excitement that we share this list with you so that you can be praying and interceding on our behalf. The harvest is great and it's a huge work that we absolutely cannot do without your support. This is all a part of our goal to plant 500 more churches by 2014, to give us a total of over a 1,000 churches. Let's go win the Amazon for Christ!

Watch one of our church planters in action!

Pastor Nilton is one of our many church planters out on the rivers, winning people to the Lord, making disciples and planting churches. His testimony was recently featured in our Easter Newsletter. See just a glimpse of his life on the river in this short video.

75 Communities to Reach in 2009

  • São José
  • Secretaria
  • Vale Verde
  • Volta Grande
  • Piranha
  • Nova Esperança
  • Jaquara
  • Lago do Mouro
  • Boa Vista
  • Acaré
  • Bacabal-ensiada
  • Lago do Ajudante
  • Juquirizinho
  • Faro
  • Revolta
  • Marai
  • Morada Nova
  • Açaizal do Prata
  • Oerupapo
  • Km 50
  • Km 72
  • Poço Branco
  • Pau dÁrco do Ituqui
  • Patas do Ituqui
  • Aventurança
  • Água Preta
  • Boat Vista
  • Mucambo
  • Jaburú
  • Pindurí
  • Surubiu-Açu
  • Arapiri
  • Ipaupixuna
  • Membeca
  • Bom Jardim
  • Ipaupixuna
  • Paramamiriu
  • Fordlândia
  • Mussueu
  • Piaui
  • Caroca
  • Nova Vista
  • Fé em Deus
  • Novo Lugar
  • Cachoeira do Maró
  • Tapuana
  • Catiespera
  • Audirobal
  • Ipixuna
  • Riozinho
  • Santa Helena
  • Ubizal
  • Una
  • Baixa da Onça
  • Vigia
  • Palmas
  • Outeiro
  • Cametá
  • Nova Galiléia
  • Marajó
  • Caburi
  • Laranjal do Jarí
  • Ferreira Gomes
  • Piquiazal
  • Maracá
  • Ponta de Pedras
  • Laranjal
  • Andirobalzinho
  • Aramanai
  • Caratinga
  • Mato Grosso
  • Epitacionlandia
  • Cedro
  • São Francisco do Moju
  • Placas

Download the Wallpaper!

Keep this list in front of you on your computer screen so that you can often be reminded to pray for these places, the people in them, and the work going on to reach them! Choose your screen size (or closest equivalent) and click to download. Open the picture, right click and choose “Set as Desktop Wallpaper.”

The 75 Target Community of 2009 Wallpaper

The 75 Target Community of 2009 Wallpaper

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