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Dear Friends –
We wanted to take just a moment to thank you for your prayers and update you on our rapidly approaching relief team trip to Japan. While Japan is not often in the news these days, the devastation continues to effect lives of precious people, and even though many relief organizations have left the country, there is still so much to be done. Tim and Christine and the church in Japan continue to give help and encouragement, and our team is so eager to lend our hearts and hands to this important work for two months. We’ll be clearing rubble and rebuilding homes and in the process, sharing the love of Christ.

We have purchased our tickets and just received the visas for the Brazilian members of our team. We were concerned about these visas and are so thankful that it’s all worked out. It was quite a process, but one of the Brazilians went to Belem and personally handed the paperwork for the team members in to the authorities there. He waited a little over a week, going after all the documents that they kept asking for, but praise the Lord, the visas were finally released!

All of the Brazilian Christians in all our churches are so enthusiastic about this trip. To be reaching out to help the Japanese, and to assist Tim and Christine, is a blessing to the church, here, too. We’ve put together a short presentation to remind the churches to pray for the team and the people we will minister to while we are gone. We’ve attached that, hoping that you, too, will be praying with us all throughout the trip.

We’ve been blessed by wonderful financial contributions to make this trip a reality, but are still short of our goal. We have some expenses that we still need to cover and we very much want to have funds available so that we can respond to needs that we may find once in Japan. Would you please pray with us that the gap will be filled quickly? With a departure date of August 29, we are trusting God to meet these needs through our friends and supporters. If the Lord should lead you to give, we’ll put your contribution to such good use. There’s so much to do! We appreciate you so much.

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If you are able to support this important trip, please click the donate button. God bless you – and please do pray for each team member traveling to Japan and for us (Becky, as team leader in Japan, and Jeff, remaining in Brazil to lead the work here). Thank you!

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08/Aug/2011 | News

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We at Journey Fellowship prayers go out for God touching experience to change lives with this releif efforts. We pray for God to over see PAZ work in Japan.
Thanks you for PAZ’s love for Japan

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