Persistent, Powerful Faith!

Luciene accepted Christ in Manaus before returning to her home village of Suruacá on the banks of the Tapajos River (a tributary of the Amazon). She would share Christ with her husband, Salu, but he was full of doubts. Time passed; then one day God met him in a special way. While hunting alone in the jungle, Salu suddenly got a sharp pain in his chest, fell down and passed out. When he awoke, a voice, the voice of God, said, “From today forward, I want you to give up everything and start serving Me.” He knew God was calling him to be a Christian. He accepted Christ, and Luciene and Salu began meetings in their home. It started as family devotions and expanded into a cell group. The house became too small and the group found another location to meet, one that was larger and public.

However, once public, the persecution began. The leadership of the community threatened to kick her family out of the community and burn her house. They discouraged people from attending meetings telling them they were being deceived. People stopped attending. The cell group meetings ceased. The family started back at square one and continued to remain faithful with family devotions instead. God continued to touch hearts, and as time continued, people started to return, deciding to remain in the truth of the Word of God rather than give in to the accusations of man. Luciene needed help, wanted to see a church planted, and asked PAZ for assistance.

Seven years ago, I was part of a team that used the medical ministry to open doors to plant churches on the Tapajos River. At Suruacá we asked the community leadership permission to treat their people with medical and dental assistance and to hold an evangelistic service in the evening. They refused us. As a result, our medical boat went to a nearby village and those from Suruacá who needed help had to make the journey to get treatment.

Now, seven years later, Luciene, with the clout of having a “following”, invited us back to Suruacá. I went with another medical team and volunteers to treat patients during the day as well as have activities with kids of the village. A church service was held on the exact spot, where years prior, the council had persecuted and tried to banish her family because of their faith. There, in that place, nearly 30 people gave their lives to Christ! Agree with us in prayer that the community leaders will now allow us to build a church in Suruacá.

Luke 1:45 says, “And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.” From the faithfulness and steadfastness of one woman arose a community of new believers and a church. God honored Luciene’s faithfulness!

A typical medical trip costs around $3,000 which includes the cost of medicines, fuel, food, crew, etc. We offset the costs as much as possible using volunteers, donations of medicines, etc. These trips are part of our overall church planting program and a very important strategy for opening the communities to the Gospel. Would you give a donation to help sponsor one of these trips?

You can click here to take you to the donate page where you can select Medical and Social Assistance in the dropdown box and make a donation.

Thanks so much for your participation with us in reaching communities like Suruacá!

For the PAZ team,

Becky Hrubik

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Aug 15, 2019 | News