Powerful Testimonies

In October of 2012 Project AmaZon was visited by a filmmaker to record several of our stories. Peter Craig, leading the ministry Moving Works — a ministry dedicated to bringing glory to God by showing what God is doing around the world — filmed enough for several different stories. The first two films are out, and they are powerful!

The first movie that came out was focused on our missionaries Nate & Ruth Reutter. Nate & Ruth were only moments away from having their first child while serving as missionaries in Santarém, along the Amazon River in Brazil. Then everything changed…most dramatically their faith in Christ and His living Word. Get some Kleenex ready for this one…

Blessed | Matthew 5:4 from Moving Works on Vimeo.

The second movie to come out looks at the testimony of Josiah Huber, son of PAZ founders Luke & Christine Huber. Josiah grew up in the Amazon completely convinced that he was luckiest kid on Earth, but when tragedy struck at the age of 13, God revealed to him a much greater identity.

Josiah from Moving Works on Vimeo.

We hope you are encouraged by these testimonies. Your prayers and support make all the difference in our efforts in church-planting and disciple-making!

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Jan 29, 2013 | News