Verena Lima

Verena is a licensed dentist. She graduated from Paulista University in Manaus where she lived for four and a half years. She moved back to her hometown of Santarém in the state of Pará, Brazil.

Verena was saved when she was 12 years old at the PAZ Central Church and has been a member since her walk with the Lord began. She was involved with the praise and worship team and is currently active in cell group, discipleship, PAZ medical missions trips up and down the Amazon River.

Her burning desire for missions began at age 16, when she participated in her first medical missions trip to the river villages along the Amazon River. On this trip the Lord called her to serve the communities along the Amazon River in the area of dental care and evangelism. Placing her dreams before the Lord, everything happened according to His purpose and plan. Her family and leadership supported and helped her accomplish the task of graduating with a degree in dentistry and returning to Santarém to step into her new role and fulfill the calling God placed on her life so many years ago.

Ever since returning to Santarem, Verena has dedicated herself to the medical missions trips, showing the love of Christ through the simpleness of giving dental care to those that may not get it any other way. Due to her faithfulness, she was put in the position of coordinating the medical missions trips for the church as well as working hand in hand with Project Amazon to arrange medical missions trips with visiting teams. Her desire is to to reach people by offering spiritual, physical, and emotional health, by leading them to a perfect encounter with the Lord Jesus.