Seth Quant

Seth Quant is a co-laborer with Christ. Right now you will find him time traveling, around 10-14 hours into the future! (If you live in the western hemisphere, that is.). He lives in Japan to glorify God by helping plant churches, working with the Choose Life Project, and encouraging Japanese leaders.

Seth was an unlikely and unsuspecting candidate for life-long missions work. Curious to know what everyone was so excited about, the Lord guided him into the missions program at Oral Roberts University during his senior year. In fact, his first trip to Japan would only happen after he graduated from university! But that ORU missions team placement on team Japan (and his sister Sierra’s providential placement on the same team), changed the trajectory of his life.

Seeing first-hand the generous, humble, and diligent Japanese people without hope in Jesus completely wrecked his life plans. Declining career opportunities in software development, he pursued God’s adventure into the mysterious realm of English teaching. After a season of serious stretching and growing as a classroom teacher and eventually lead teacher, he then felt the Holy Spirit challenging him (again) to build a support team for full-time work in Japan.

Thank God for the unlikely! Seth uses his passion for technology to build the suicide prevention program Choose Life. His love for worship fuels his singing-while-serving as your friendly Sunday sound guy. The precious experience of teaching Japanese elementary school children also guides his teaching in children’s church. To continue planting churches and raise up Japanese leaders he serves the grand vision for Paz Coffee Shop popping up in every part of Japan. By God’s grace, he is still growing into these roles.

He is excited to celebrate your own life adventure, wherever they may be. Share adventure stories, make worship music recommendations, swap prayer requests, or even ask him about learning Japanese at his personal email: