Marcos & Hanna Cordeiro

Marcos Cordeiro, son of Nilton & Cleucy Cordeiro (cofounders of PAZ Mission, along with Luke and Christine Huber),
married to Hanna Cordeiro, was born and raised on the mission fields of the Amazon basin, in Santarém, Brazil. Since
early childhood, Marcos has been fully and faithfully involved in the ministry of church planting along the Amazon
River with his parents. In 2009, he graduated from Oregon Health & Science University with a Bachelor in Science of
Nursing and moved back to the Amazon in 2010 to serve as missionary along with his parents.

Marcos and Hanna (both nurses) are actively planting churches on small villages along the Amazon river using their
gifts of nursing to voluntarily help promote the expansion of the Kingdom through preaching the Gospel, doing nurse
clinics and house consults at the villages. Currently, along with their 17 months old baby girl (Bella Cordeiro), they are
overseeing an area of 17 small village churches spread out into two rivers (Curua-una and Tapara river) and one lake
(Zona do lago lake) with access by boat in the winter and by car in the Summer. They are also overseeing a network of
cell groups and discipleship in the city of Santarém, a small town in the Amazon basin.  Their work is done with the goal of strong multiplications and consolidation of new believers, training them to become new local leaders and co-labors with the project of church planting on the rivers and forest villages.

Baptisms:  As the people come to know the Lord in the villages, they begin being discipled and soon they are baptized
into water and right after baptized with the Holy Spirit, most of the time the baptism in the Holy Spirit is done right
there, on the same beach.

Evangelism: From house to house is a successful strategy used as well as with large groups sharing the good news
through the plain word, testimonies, skits, singing, healing the sick and playing with the kids.

Prayer request: Please continue to lift us in your prayers before the Lord for: More salvation, more disciplers, good
functioning of our discipleship model, safety for our constant trips (both by boat and also by car), strength and courage,
more of the Holy Spirit over-in-through our ministry.

Marcos and Hanna invite you to contact them to be added to his quarterly updates. They are currently raising support to
continue full-time missions work with PAZ, so consider partnering with them to see the Amazon and the world won for Jesus!

  • Santarém, PA