Honored and Humbled

We recently received a visit from a US representative of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Greg was in the Brazil office when the statistics of the “My Hope Brazil” were being collected. One of the workers came in to dump a box of envelopes onto the table for counting (each envelope represented a home that participated). Greg asked what region of Brazil they represented. He was told, “This is not a region, it’s just one church!” Greg replied, “I have to visit this church and find out how they had such great results!” Well, the other day we met and discussed our strategies. We were told that we had the best results in all of Brazil! Two of the three clips being aired by the BGEA around the world about the outreach in Brazil were from PAZ!

We felt so honored and yet so humbled to see God’s mercy poured out upon us. We know it’s only by His grace and your prayers! We could never experience these kinds of results without you standing together with us! Thank you so much! Especially, thank You, Lord! You are so good!

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Mar 06, 2009 | News