God found trash but made it a treasure!

Canadian Team

It was a very special day as our boat headed to Boca do Aritapera with our visiting team from Canada and Brazilian health professionals and local volunteers. Prepared for the heat, dust, and whatever challenges we would face, we looked forward to supporting the church planting effort by providing health and dental care, children’s activities, evangelism and special meetings for the local women as well as helping to build a new church building. We were once again witnessing the power of God to change lives in this community through the persistence and endurance of people like the local leader, Aldo. He relates:

“I had been addicted to alcohol and drugs since my youth. I provoked people and ended up in physical fights many times. My family suffered as I failed to provide basic provisions and they lived in a state of tension because of my hostile nature. Then one day I got into a fight and was stabbed. I went into a coma for 15 days while God showed me hell, heaven, and the Earth and what He is planning to do. Then God miraculously brought me out of the coma. My wife and I gave our hearts to the Lord but it took years before I had complete victory over my addictions. I tell people, ‘God found trash but made something luxurious from it’! Our four children also received Christ at a young age. As I grew in the Lord my heart burned to let everyone know the saving grace I had experienced and, together with my whole family, we evangelized our neighboring communities.”

2 of Their Kids, Aldo and wife.

Aldo and his wife are now leaders of three churches and are reaching out in four additional communities building up the body of believers and training leaders through discipleship and cell group meetings.

Two months later we returned for the festive dedication of the new church building. Boatloads of people arrived from surrounding communities to celebrate with a huge fish fry and then “packed the house” for a memorable night. They heard the exciting history of the PAZ Church, a challenging word, and then all thanked God for bringing light into the darkness of this community!

Thanks for blessing PAZ with your faithful giving to this ministry. This story is being repeated time and time again across the Amazon! We are seeing the multiplied return as people like Aldo have their lives transformed and pay the price to reach other communities with the Gospel. Your financial contributions, as well as visiting teams, help us come alongside these workers with assistance that accelerates the outreach, building new churches, providing boats and other transportation, etc.

As we celebrate Christmas—God giving us His most precious Gift, Jesus, may we give Him our best in 2019!

Merry Christmas! We love you!

Viktoria Fulop—for the PAZ Team Guest House Coordinator

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Dec 24, 2018 | News