Mission Trips

With just two weeks of your time, you can have an eternal impact in the Amazon Basin. We are continually expanding God's Kingdom, and we are constantly looking for willing Kingdom-minded adventurers to help us take the Gospel to the unreached communities around us!

But a much added benefit of serving with us is that you too will catch the vision that is to win the Amazon for Christ. You will meet and serve alongside Brazilians and other missionaries who are giving their all to seeing the Gospel reach the extremes of the Basin. It is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Watch the video to get a taste of what the experience is like.

The Details

Visiting teams typically are made up of 5-10 people who visit for 1-2 weeks. Once you reach the airport in Santarém, we take care of all the details such as transportation, housing, food and trip-planning to free you up to have the best experience possible. We have full-time staff (fellow missionaries) who work with teams all year long and are pros at handling teams from all sorts of locations and backgrounds.

We spend some time in the main city of Santarém, taking in the Amazon culture. We visit our local churches, our missions headquarters and other ministries such as the water-filter project and Mary and Martha. We get to experience the best local restaurants — churrascarias (all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ) — and there is almost always a little time for some Amazonian shopping!

But we also climb aboard one of our PAZ boats* and experience missions out on the rivers of the Amazon Basin, where the need is just as great as the beauty. Armed with a willing attitude, you will help us as we move to advance God's Kingdom to the ends of the earth!

Download our 2-page informational handout to get your missions experience with PAZ started!

Mission Trips

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* Some trips do not involve PAZ boats. They can also include line boats (public transportation) or transportation by land vehicle. We go to where we need your help the most, and that sometimes calls for different transportation arrangements.