Flood Remains, Relief Begins

The great Amazon flood of 2009 continues to plague the residents of the Amazon Basin – destroying homes, disrupting farming and business, and inundating entire communities. Locally, the flood has risen past the flood of 2006 and even – according to some authorities – past the great flood of 1953, making this the greatest flood of our times!

Project AmaZon, its local PAZ churches, Asas de Socorro (the Brazilian branch of MAF) and Operation Blessing joined forces to bring disaster relief to those most affected. Hundreds of food baskets were packaged, wood for temporary floors was bought and many clothes were collected. Jump on the relief boat and see for yourself the amazing impact this relief has had in these communities! Here’s the next installment of SOS Ribeirinho (“SOS River Village”), a video series produced by our local PAZ church.

A great big thank you goes out to all that have donated. You can see how important these donations are, and you can see the tremendous eternal impact you are having. This is merely a start in bringing relief to the thousands of communities in the Amazon Basin. Many more relief trips will be taken, and we are still collecting donations to help fund these trips. The flood has opened a door of opportunity to share the love of Christ in a very tangible, physical way. Let’s not waste any opportunity that comes our way, but treat each one as if it could be our last! Donate Here

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04/Jun/2009 | News

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