Coming soon the great EMPOWER – PAZ Conference!  Empower, is an English word meaning to give power.

An annual conference for all leaders and members of the PAZ churches with the purpose of empowering them to fulfill the mission of making disciples of the Nations and implanting the Kingdom of God, primarily through the planting of new churches.

The event will be September 20-23, 2018.  September 20th (morning) and 21st (evening) are programs reserved for ordained PAZ pastors; and on the 21st (after 2pm), 22nd (all day) and 23rd (morning) are programs for all the PAZ family and guests.

The conference this year will be held at Estância Árvore da Vida, Sumaré/SP. Estância is renowned for its vast green campus with a great variety of trees, lakes, kiosks, walking trails, etc.

We will have the illustrious presence of two north-American pastors Craig Terndrup and Charley Elliott (Gateway Church, USA) and our precious leaders Jeff Hrubik and Abe Huber.  We also will have national pastors Paulo Mazoni (Igreja Batista Central, Belo Horizonte) and Joel Cardoso (Igreja Metodista Renovada).  We will also many other precious pastors from our pastoral team.

The praise and worship will be led by the PAZ São Paulo ministry team.

By the grace of God, we believe this conference will mark your life forever.  They will be days in which the Lord will bring growth, wisdom and anointing over your life and ministry.

Sign up and more information at:

Jeff & Becky Hrubik
Presidents of Mission PAZ

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May 30, 2018 | News