Earthquake: Japan

Our missionaries Tim and Christine Huber have lived and served in Japan for years. They have planted several churches in Japan and have recently shared with us what life has been like in Japan since the earthquake. This article comes straight from their blog.

Tim and Christine Huber

Tim and Christine Huber

We were all shaken up by the biggest earthquake we have ever felt here in Japan. Things were falling out of the cupboard and shelves and smashing on the floor. We didn’t know if the whole building was going to collapse or not. Since then we have felt many aftershocks, and other earthquakes. Not long after the first quake, we learned that there was a huge tsunami in Sendai, only about 5 hours’ drive from where we live in Tokyo. The pictures were sickening. You can see some of them here — I’m sure you have seen plenty yourself. I copied them from the internet. We ourselves are well, in spite of all the continuing aftershocks, lack of food in the stores, gasoline being rationed and very hard to find, and the radiation scare from the nuclear power plants only 150 miles away.

HOWEVER, that is nothing compared to what others are experiencing. Our mission and churches are now collecting relief supplies and donations to be taken to the stricken areas. Tim and assistant pastor Yasu, are planning to take the first relief trip by van on Monday, the 21st. We hope to be taking many trips, because one trip is like a “drop in the bucket.” We hope to be working together with other churches here in Japan, to not only take supplies for physical needs, but emotional help for the many who are completely traumatized.

Today marks one week that their lives were completely turned up-side-down, in one short moment. We need you to help us reach out to them with the love of Jesus — that people who have never heard of His love and power might experience it right now. Let’s join together to show these precious people that they are not forgotten. God loves them and answers prayer.

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17/Mar/2011 | News

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Anderson e Sandra

We traveled with you last year. We are so scared about the things that have happened in Japan, but we believe in God’s purpose. We love you. The Lord is going to give you a lot of lives through this tragedy. You are God’s victorious!
Blessings from God.
Anderson and Sandra, from Rio de Janeiro

Jack&Babs Pierce

Dear Tim and Christine,

We were so pleased to receive your update and to know that you are safe. Have prayed for you not knowing actualy where you were located other than the fact that you were working in Japan.

May the Lord bless you giving you the added strngth wisdom and all that it takes by His Spirit to face the tremendous amount of need that lies before you. We have been asking that the Lord just bless His children there with the chance to show His love to those who are suffering loss of loved ones needs so overwhelming. There was a man on tv tonight holding up an orange and some crackers that is all they have to eat in a shelter in a school not far from where the quake and sunami hit.

Lord bless you both be sure of our continued prayers. Wisg we could send some help at this time but are unable may God raise up many who will be able to send finances that you and your Church will be needing as you minister.

We are living in the USA after forty six years in Brazil trying to adjust to life in a country that should feel like home but it will take time. Glad that there will be no adjustment to make in Glory! Amen?

Love your family miss all the great times of fun and fellowship back in Via in the old days as we refer to them..

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