Dreams Do Come True

Over 30 years ago, Luke and Christine Huber moved their family to Santarém, in the heart of the Amazon Basin, to begin planting churches and making disciples. Santarém soon became the home base of Project AmaZon and expanded to plant more and more churches around Santarém.

Pastor Geraldo talks about the team.

Pastor Geraldo talks about the team.

On July 3, 2011, Project AmaZon celebrated another historic milestone. Pastor Sabá and his wife Joanna with their team of 71 people were consecrated and officially sent off to start PAZ’s 15th base in the city of Cuiabá, capital of the Amazon-Basin state of Mato Grosso. Pastor Abe Huber delivered a timeless message that included many stories of his parents Melvin and Katherine Huber, missionaries to Brazil over 50 years ago. All of what is happening in and through PAZ and its churches today is because of their faithfulness to God and His calling.

The Cuiabá team is comprised of fruit-bearing members of the PAZ church in Santarém. The church is taking care of all the expenses of the church-plant. Even so, many of these members are moving by faith alone: without any promised jobs or income in the near future — just like Melvin and Katherine when they moved to Brazil. The last three bases that PAZ planted — Sinop, Fortaleza and Boa Vista — were team plants like this one and have been amazingly fruitful in the short time since their planting.

The Final Frontier

Now that the base in Cuiabá is being started, there is only one capital city left to reach of the Brazilian states that make up the Amazon Basin: the city of São Luís (Saint Louis, anyone?) in the state of Maranhão (not Missouri). Each base is responsible for church-planting in their respective capitals and states — reaching the whole Amazon Basin for Christ! But PAZ is already looking further down the road: All of Brazil. Her neighboring countries. Africa. A world-wide movement of church-planting in the MDA vision of cell groups and one-on-one disciple-making.

The Cuiabá Team being commissioned.

The Cuiabá Team being commissioned.

Dream Big

To win the Amazon Basin for Christ and disciple the nations, you have to dream big. That’s why we like to take a moment every now and then to show you a bit of what our churches are doing to win the Amazon Basin. On July 1-3, the same weekend as the Cuiabá send-off, the PAZ base in Santarém held its annual Congresso da Paz — a three-day evangelistic event like no other. Praise, worship, preaching, dancing, choreography, movie-size sets, drama, miraculous healings and much more make this a hugely successful event. Take a look at this short video highlighting this year’s Congresso! Click here to see an album of great photos from the Congresso on PAZ’s facebook page.

We love our pastors and churches so much and are so proud of all they’re doing to expand God’s Kingdom here in Brazil. Their ability to dream and believe big is one of the key ingredients that makes them so fruitful. It’s what the Cuiabá team is taking with them. Their big dreams come straight from God’s heart, and we know His purposes and plans will always prevail. That’s how we know the team is already a success, and how we can say with total confidence, “This is just the beginning!”

We are also so thankful for all of you who are lovingly invested in God’s Kingdom work. Because of your support, PAZ continues to move forward and have an impact. Would you now consider a donation towards the families moving to Cuiabá in faith? Your gift will help with their living expenses while they establish themselves in the new city and begin winning that city for Christ!


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