Building the Kingdom

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Download our latest letter featuring the story of Pastor Reinaldo and the church built on a flooded plain on the Amazon River or donate to the Revolving Construction Fund which funds these projects.


In our most recent mailing we tell the story of the community of Piracãoera de Cima, where a church was recently built in the midst of the worst flooding in the Basin our generation has seen. It’s amazing to see how much God uses a physical building to build his eternal kingdom, as evidenced in the story of Piracãoera de Cima and its overseeing pastor, Reinaldo. Click to open this letter and take a quick trip with us down the Amazon River to see first hand how God is working through your prayers, donations, missions trips and support.

Help us build several more church buildings this year! Eleven teams are on their way down to physically contribute to our building projects. You can contribute to this most excellent work and donate to the Revolving Construction Fund.

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15/Feb/2010 | News