MDA 2010

10th Annual MDA Conference

2010 MDA Conference is underway!  Visit our facebook page for more photos.

2010 MDA Conference is underway! Visit our facebook page for more photos.

UPDATE: Click to see pictures of the ongoing conference added on our facebook page!

This year marks the 10th MDA Conference to be held in Santarém. Leaders and pastors from all over Brazil are already heading towards Santarém to take part in this powerful event. For one whole week, participants are immersed in the MDA world of cell groups and disciple-making. “MDA” stands for Modelo Discipulado Apostólico or “Apostolic Discipleship Model.” This model is being used all over the world, trans-denominationally and is having powerful, lasting impact. It is the model we at PAZ use to plant and grow our churches.

This year our keynote speaker is none other than Dr. Ralph Neighbour, a pioneer in missions and church-planting using the cell model. We are so looking forward to all that God has in store and ask you to pray alongside us that the vision to win and disciple could continue to spread far past just our PAZ churches and have a great impact across all of Brazil and even the world. Take a look at the excellent conference website. Google translate does a good job of taking it from Portuguese into understandable English! Click here

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18/Oct/2010 | News

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Linda Zavaleta

Maybe “MDA” should stand in English for “Make Disciples of All”

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