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PAZ Director Jeff Hrubik shares about 1000 by 2014 at the 2009 PAZ Leadership Conference

PAZ Director Jeff Hrubik shares about 1000 by 2014 at the 2009 PAZ Leadership Conference

At PAZ’s 2009 Leadership Conference, we unveiled 1000 by 2014: PAZ’s short-term goal of planting 1000 churches by 2014 (we have planted 530 so far). This all works towards PAZ’s two overall goals: 1) planting 100,000 churches, and 2) reaching the Amazon Basin by 2045.

This goal stands as a reminder that we see, wear and constantly pray for. To maintain an annual growth rate of 15%, we will need to plant around 75 churches this year. We will have to plan, travel, build, supervise and fund raise like never before. We will need a level of prayer like never before! We are excited and dedicated like never before to the task at hand, that Jesus would admire our faith like he admired the faith of the centurion in Matthew 8:10.

So the goal is really quite simple: each base needs to double in size by 2014. You will be seeing more and more great giving opportunities that reap eternal rewards here on our website as we press forward towards the goal. You will encounter our latest prayer requests so that you can join with us and pray, by name (even if you can’t pronounce it!), for the very areas where we will be planting and the leaders of the planting. Take advantage of the brand new PAZ 1000 by 2014 wallpapers for download and keep the vision in front of you as well! Together, through the power of Christ, we’ll reach what is lost!

1000 by 2014 Wallpapers

Just like a prayer card on a refrigerator reminds one to pray, so does a wallpaper on a computer! Enjoy these great reminders of God’s work!

Choose your screen size (or closest equivalent) and click to download. Open the picture, right click and choose “Set as Desktop Wallpaper.”

The 1000 by 2014 Wallpaper

The 1000 by 2014 Wallpaper

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