Aaron and Esther HellandAaron and Esther Helland
Abe and Andrea HuberAbe and Andrea Huber
Pastoral Ministries and Base Leading
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Bruno and Beth SeneBruno and Beth Sene
Pastoral Ministries
Claire HelringClaire Helring
Administration and Ministry
Grant and Regina CailGrant and Regina Cail
Health and Administration
Isaiah and Erin HuberIsaiah and Erin Huber
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Directors of Project AmaZon
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Statistics and Logistics
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Logistics and Health Ministries
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Health Ministries
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Health and Water Filter Ministries
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Accounting and Ministry to Children
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Church Planting
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Aviation Ministries
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Pastoral Ministries
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Missionary to Japan
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Accounting and Facilities Maintenance
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PAZ Japan
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Medical Missions Coordinator
Viktoria Fulop
Guest House Host
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Guest House Ministries

Abe and Andrea Huber

Pastoral Ministries and Base Leading

After graduating from Columbia Bible College (now Columbia International University) in 1981, Abe Huber went to work for Project AmaZon (PAZ) in Santarém, Brazil. There he joined his brother, founder Luke Huber, and other family members on the mission field.

The Huber Family

The Huber Family

Since 1983, Abe has served as pastor of the Paz Central Church, the largest Paz church. Since 1989, Abe has also been director of the Santarém regional base, which oversees hundreds of churches. Abe and Andréa were married in 1991 and have three children: Priscilla, David, and Daniel.

In April, 2005, Abe and Andréa, along with 40 other Christian couples and many single people, moved from Santarém to Fortaleza to open PAZ’s 10th base and establish a new PAZ church. Abe handed the leadership of the Santarém regional base to Pastor Geraldo and continues to supervise the Santarém regional base and the Boa Vista regional base. Fortaleza, located on the northeast coast of Brazil, has 2.3 million people and is located in one of the least evangelized regions of Brazil.